Our Team

Sly “Pyper” Jordan – Executive Vice President of Music, Talent Acquisition & Artist Development

Sly "Pyper" Jordan

A musical maestro with Grammy-accoladed roots, Sly “Pyper” Jordan is Barber-Heed Enterprises LLC’s driving force in talent development and acquisition. Merging roles as singer, songwriter, and producer, he cultivates elite entertainment alliances and nurtures emerging talent, epitomizing our commitment to industry-leading innovation and excellence.

Galen Graham – Executive Vice President of Entertainment & Venue Operations

A luminary in the music and nightlife industries, Galen Graham harnesses decades of experience to steer Barber-Heed’s entertainment endeavors. As a former studio owner and influential manager, he integrates a vast network and strategic insight, ensuring our entertainment ventures resonate with unmatched vibrancy and excellence.

Jarvis Johnson – Executive Vice President of Investor Relations

From NFL player to strategic entrepreneur, Miami’s own Jarvis Johnson brings a diverse background spanning sports, film, and business leadership. A graduate of Rutgers and Tiffin, Jarvis excels at navigating startups and fostering education, while managing family offices. He is the Executive Vice President of Investor Relations for Barber-Heed Enterprises, LLC.

Keith Anderson – Executive Vice President of Strategic Partnerships

Keith Anderson, our Executive Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, balances profound personal evolution with professional distinction. Author of “AWOL from Society,” Keith transitioned from addiction to being a beacon of recovery and purpose. Simultaneously, his role as Project Superintendent at The Walsh Group underscores his adeptness in strategic planning and collaboration, bringing added depth to Barber-Heed Enterprises LLC.

Rickie Davis – Executive Vice President of Logistical Operations

Rickie Davis, our Executive Vice President of Logistical Operations, boasts 30+ years in scrap metal recycling and excels in entertainment event management. With vast experience from Director of Operations at Ramm Recycling Services to leading diverse projects, Rickie ensures Barber-Heed Enterprises LLC’s events are executed seamlessly and efficiently.

Roger Pace – Executive Vice President of Marketing Strategy

Roger Pace, Executive Vice President of Marketing Strategy, masterfully drives brand awareness, promotional plans, and global marketing campaigns for Barber-Heed Enterprises LLC. Leveraging his expertise, Pace pioneers B2B partnerships, sponsorship contracts, and elevates our corporate image, ensuring consistent growth and profitability in diverse markets.