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What Are HD Legacy Metal Images?

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Metal prints on aluminum are both an art and a science. They were invented in 2003. Competitors tried to imitate the process and none can even begin to compare with the life-like quality of an original metal print.

A metal print takes your digital image, prints it on a special paper, with special sublimation inks. We take that image and under the right combination of heat, time and pressure, we sublimate—that means we turn the inks into a vapor before they turn into a liquid—and the molecules go inside a specially coated aluminum surface. It is part art and science. We make more than metal prints—we make HD fine metal print. After we print on aluminum each HD fine metal print is painstakingly reviewed, then we carefully frame the metal print and we securely package it and ship it to you. It arrives, framed and ready to hang out of the box.

What About A Proof?

If you want a proof of your metal print we do that too. In fact, we make an in house metal print proofs on all of our work. We do this because what you see on the screen Is not necessarily what you see on the finished metal print. We are obsessive about quality metal prints and our proofing process takes time, but the results are worth it.

HD fine metal prints we provide are simply the finest metal prints you can buy. We take fine art metal printing to a whole new level with our exclusive state-of-the-art sublimation process.